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Flu Comes in Waves

It’s time to get your flu vaccine! Influenza activity is increasing in parts of the country and further increases are expected in the coming weeks and months. It takes two weeks for immune protection to fully develop after vaccination. The 2014-2015 vaccine protects against two influenza viruses that are different from those in last season’s vaccine.

For information on disease in Maine, see our Weekly Influenza Surveillance Reports

Flu vaccine for the 2014-2015 season is available in most areas. Vaccination is recommended for all people older than six months. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for it to take full effect. To find a flu clinic, search the listings on or

The Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for this year’s vaccine are posted online

Almost all the detectable influenza viruses in Maine and the U.S. remain the pandemic strain of H1N1 influenza.   Maine’s weekly influenza surveillence report can be found here.  Many people are still susceptible to H1N1 flu and would benefit from vaccination. H1N1 vaccine is widely available, and we encourage everyone to be vaccinated. If you are looking for vaccine, call 211, or call your health care provider.The benefits of getting the H1N1 vaccine far outweigh the very small risk of serious complications from vaccination.  Some people getting vaccinated will have mild side effects such as pain, redness or swelling in the arm where the shot was given or a runny nose and headache after the nasal spray vaccine. influenza-virus-labels

 What You Should Know for the 2014-2015 Influenza Season

Information for Health Professionals

 Weekly Flu View May 11 (CDC)

Flu View is a weekly influenza surveillance report prepared by CDC’s Influenza Division. All data are preliminary and may change as CDC receives more reports.

 Planning and Preparedness: Health Professionals and Seasonal Flu (HHS)

Healthcare providers play an important role during flu season. The following guidance and information will assist healthcare providers and service organizations to plan and respond to seasonal flu.